... and while you're here...

What to do

Monte d’ Água offers its visitors several options to spend their time and enjoy their stay. With a privileged access to the water, visitors are welcomed to bring their water-sport equipment and boats. We recommend previous contact in order to insure and provide means to drop and take boats from the water.


There are awesome activities included with your stay: salty-water pool and its barbecue, bicycles, canoes, walking/hiking paths, ping-pong, snooker, playground and games for children as well as farm animals like goats, sheep, ducks and chickens...

... all within Monte d’Água’s property.



Canoes can also be rented to visitors who would like to spend the day with us.

In this case only, visitors will be charged

> 1 person canoe - €15 half-day

> 2 person canoe - €25 half-day

* prices for each canoe

RNAL 20704