Monte d'Água

Approximately 120km from Lisbon, Monte d’Água is located in Foros do Mocho by the East side of Montargil’s dam and water reservoir. Consisting of a large main house and a smaller independent outhouse (120 m²), implemented on a 7000m² of sunny hillside, Monte d’Água has been hosting visitors for nearly 3 years — all four seasons.

There is a privileged access to the lake through the property which is fenced all around and there’s enough space and privacy to get the best out of one’s holidays.

The main house can host several guests — simultaneously and independently — and each room has an independent doorway to the garden. The outhouse “Casinha”, perfect for larger groups or families, is close to 120m² and is fully equipped.


Welcome to Monte d’Água.

Main House


In the main house you’ll find different rooms which have in common the hall way, living room and breakfast areas. Spacious and tidy, the house can host up to 6 adults (3 couples) — simultaneously and independently. The fourth room is fully dedicated to children and has 4 beds (two bunk-beds). Each room is equipped with toilet&bathroom in addition to its private access to the garden.

Childrens room (16m²) — two bunk-beds;

Miosótis (18m²) — two single beds;

Mimosa (15m²) — two single beds;

Sobreiro (16m²) — double bed.

“Casinha” — the Portuguese word for small house —

is not to be taken literally after all. Perhaps smaller when compared to the main house, this cozy semi-open house can host up to 4 guests in two independent rooms to which cribs or beds can be added.  With a total area of 120 m², covering a large common area to work, relax, cook or simply hangout, “Casinha” is also a suitable venue for gatherings or celebrations and it has the desirable privacy for longer stays.

All visitors share common outdoor areas such as the pool, the garden and the lake accesses. During the stay visitors are free to enjoy the salty-water pool and its barbecue, ride a bicycle, paddle out with our canoes and other activities within the property.

Monte d’Água will also launch a Monthly Activity where artisanal methods and the old crafts are the main focus. We want to share with visitors the local 'ways of living' in this region Alentejo, ponder about well preserved are these crafts and how can we still learn from them, from the "people of Alentejo".

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